Media Arts for Your Classroom

Grades 6-12

This learning module is centered on introducing educators to the Arts & Media standards involved in Career Technical Education (CTE). The pilot for this module offered a professional development workshop with educators, to introduce them to CTE, as well as to make them aware of the free resources that Youth Radio offers through their website. This module will introduce educators to the resources available from the Youth Radio Website. Their toolkits concentrate on educators teaching CTE and STEAM (including Computer Science), English Language Arts (especially those seeking to engage youth in tech-enabled storytelling), Digital-Age Social Studies and Civics, and Professional/Youth Development. 

Planning your Professional Learning:  See Presentation Chart and Content Outline (Available under Downloads).

Tutorial:  Click here for the Module 17 Media Arts for the Classroom Tutorial.

Handouts & Resources

Use the following handouts and resources to help with professional learning.

  • Audio CTE Podcast
  • Handout 1: Fordham Report
  • Handout 2:  CTE-Ready
  • Handout 3:  CTE Talking Points
  • Handout 4:  CTE Media Arts Standards
  • Handout 5:  Art of the Interview Handouts
  • Handout 6:  Sample Workshop Agenda
  • Video:  Screencast of Teach Youth Radio Website 


In the Research document you will find web, book and periodical resources.


Derek Fenner, Arts Learning Program Manager, Alameda County Office of Education, 313 W. Winton Ave., Hayward, CA 94544

Maeven McGovern, Director of Pathways and Integrated Learning, Youth Radio

Other Education and Arts Contributors

Clifford Lee, Scholar-in-Residence, Youth Radio

Salim Boykin, Youth Radio Alumni, Youth Radio

Integrated Learning Department – Alameda County Office of Education