National Arts Education Professional Organizations

Educational Theatre Association (EdTA)

EdTA’s mission is for every student to have access to theatre taught by qualified educators as a vital part of a well-rounded education. EdTA honors student achievement in theatre, supports educators by providing professional development, networking opportunities, resources, and recognition. EdTA advocates by influencing public opinion and policy makers that theatre education is essential and builds life skills. Ed TA is a membership organization. More information ›

National Art Education Association (NAEA)

NAEA advances visual arts education to fulfill human potential and promote global understanding. NAEA believes that all students benefit from a balanced and sequential learning in the visual arts, led and taught by qualified teachers who are certified in visual art education. NAEA is a membership organization. More information ›

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels to ensure that every student has access to a well-rounded, comprehensive, and high-quality program of music instruction taught by qualified teachers. NAfME provides resources to teachers, parents, and administrators, professional development events, and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. NAfME is a membership organization. More information ›

National Dance Education Organization (NDEO)

NDEO provides professional development, networking forums, honor societies, professional journals, research in dance, and advocacy. Tools for teachers, administrators, and students are available in the field of dance education. NDEO supports the teaching of multiple dance genres in PK-12 and college. The NDEO community promotes excellence in teaching the art of dance. NDEO is a membership organization. More information ›

International Arts Education Professional Organizations

World Alliance for Arts Education (WAAE)

WAAE is committed to advancing arts education for all learners, at all age levels, in formal and informal settings, and across all arts disciplines. International Drama/ Theatre and Education Association (IDEA), International Society of Education through ART (InSEA), International Society for Music Education (ISME), and World Dance Alliance (WDA) have joined together to create the World Alliance for Arts Education–a powerful voice for advocacy, networking, and research. Working as a united force for arts education, the partnership of the four organizations is uniquely designed to work alongside one another. WAAE is a membership organization. More information ›

United States Society for Education Through Art (USSEA)

USSESA leads and supports multicultural and cross-cultural initiatives that foster teamwork, collaboration, and communication among diverse constituencies in order to achieve greater understanding of the social and cultural aspects of the arts and visual culture in education.

USSEA is an affiliate of the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) and the National Art Education Association (NAEA). It is a national association representing persons working in curriculum development, teaching, and research related to art education and cultural knowledge. USSEA is a society of art educators who share interests in multicultural and cross-cultural concerns in art education with others nationally and internationally to promote greater understanding and respect for learners from all backgrounds through research, art curricula, instruction, and practices that are inclusive and sensitive. USSEA is a membership organization. More information ›

International Society For Education Through Art (InSEA)

The International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) is a nongovernmental organization and official partner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). InSEA has established an international community dedicated to advocacy, networking, and the advancement of research and praxis in art education by providing a worldwide networking platform for its members. InSEA aims to help members share ideas and projects in addition to promoting dialogue about the contribution art can make to education. Our members share methods and practices in art education; collaborate on international projects promoting awareness of cultural diversity and can publish reports of research and praxis in the InSEA peer-reviewed journals. InSEA is a membership organization. More information ›