Advocacy Resources

Advocacy for Educators, Families, & Communities

ArtsEdSearch, a project of the Arts Education Partnership, is a place to browse research focused on arts education outcomes. Focus areas include Student Achievement and Success, Effective Educators and School Achievement and Success, Effective Educators and School Leaders, and Teaching and Learning Environment.

California LCFF Priority-Aligned Research, created by ArtsEdSearch includes a filter for their research collection that is aligned to the Local Control Funding Formula priorities and several documents summarizing the research about the impact of arts education related to Conditions of Learning, Student Outcomes, and Engagement.

The California PTA’s Parents’ Guide to Arts Education in Public Schools¬†provides an overview of what children across the state should learn in the five arts disciplines by the end of each grade level. It is available in three languages.

SRI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute, periodically publishes reports on arts education. Creativity Challenge: The State of Arts Education in California examines the state of arts education in California and how it has changed since 2007. An off-shoot of this report focuses on Court and Community Schools and examines what access students in these schools have to sequential standards based arts education. A third and related report focuses on the role of county offices of education in California. This report finds that, though there are disparities in capacity, county offices are a critical piece of the arts education ecosystem.

The Spectrum of Possibilities poster may be useful when advocating for the expansion of arts education in your local area or providing professional learning sessions. The back includes a discussion of the 2019 California Arts Standards and the merits of arts education to develop artistic literacy for all students. Contact us if you would like to obtain copies of the poster.

Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Arts Teaching and Learning

Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Arts Teaching and Learning in Action: Strategies that Increase Student Engagement and Achievement provides a foundation of key concepts and ideas about learning, teaching, and the relationships between teachers and students. It includes interactive strategies for introducing new content, tapping prior knowledge, delving more deeply into content, reviewing content, synthesizing learnings, and applying learnings to novel situations.

Expanded Learning

Expanded Learning Resources provides general information from the California Department of Education about California’s Expanded Learning programs for year-round learning opportunities and engagement.¬†

Arts Learning in an After School Setting though aligned to the 2001 Visual and Performing Arts Standards, this publication may be adapted for use by those who are planning implementing after school programs in visual and performing arts.