California Arts Standards

The California Arts Standards

The California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve were adopted by the State Board of Education on January 9, 2019. The 2019 arts standards provide the foundation for teaching and learning in the arts in California. The development of the 2019 arts standards was initiated by the passage of Assembly Bill 2862 and Assembly Bill 37 in 2016, which required the standards to be based on the National Core Arts Standards and include media arts as a stand-alone discipline.

The Arts Standards Professional Development Placemat (11×17) summarizes content from the introduction to the standards and may be useful for professional learning sessions.


Creativity at the Core Module 22 California Arts Standards for Public Schools: Resources for Learning and Implementation developed by the San Diego County Office of Education and the Santa Clara County Office of Education provides educators with an overall understanding of the structure and purpose of the standards and includes an opportunity to do a deep study into one or more arts disciplines.

The California Department of Education’s Search the California Content Standards website is an application for searching all content standards using key words or searching one content area at a time. A mobile application to search the standards can be downloaded at the California Standards Mobile Application website.

The California Preschool Curriculum Framework Volume 2 covers the domains of visual and performing arts, physical development, and health and may be useful to educators planning arts instruction for preschool-aged children.