Culturally & Linguistically Responsive Arts Teaching and Learning in Action: Strategies that Increase Student Engagement and Achievement


This handbook focuses on CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY RESPONSIVE PEDAGOGY (CLRP) and how CLRP approaches and strategies can be translated in the arts with the intent of expanding educators’ repertoire of powerful, interactive instructional strategies. This resource features a set of interactive classroom strategies designed to be used by both generalist and specialist teachers, administrators, and other arts and education leaders to engage students in a variety of problem solving and critical thinking activities that will be used across the curriculum and at different grade levels. Through these strategies students will be engaging in in the 4 C’s mentioned in the Framework for 21st Century Learning developed by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills: critical thinking, communications, collaboration, and creativity. It is our hope that educators and other leaders will use these strategies in a variety of learning environments and especially in the development of standards-based lessons and units that will yield many positive outcomes for students.