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Thanks to Proposition 28 School Districts Need Arts Teachers

The California County Superintendents Statewide Arts Initiative is pleased to present our latest publication Thanks to Proposition 28 School Districts Need Arts Teachers. The article is authored by Eric Engdahl, of California State University East Bay. Dr. Engdahl, has served the field of arts education in many capacities including on the advisory committees that developed the arts education standards and frameworks at the CDE, as part of the expert panels that developed the theatre credential with the CTC, and most recently leading the establishment of California’s first theatre and dance credential program at CSU East Bay.

The article brings information about credentialing in the different arts disciplines and grade levels together in one place along with links to where corresponding information can be accessed on the CTC website. The document is meant for districts who are considering how to increase their credentialed arts teachers, as well as individuals, both credentialed and not yet credentialed, who are exploring arts educator pathways. For districts, it offers considerations related to tapping into the existing pool of teachers, finding new teachers, and other “outside the box” approaches. For teachers or future teachers, it includes information on how to pursue arts credentialing if already holding a credential and what it is important to know when seeking a credential.

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