Transforming and Empowering Through Art: J.C. Montgomery School


Kings County Office of Education‚Äôs J.C. Montgomery School embraces arts-based learning as a catalyst for healing, expression, and community building among its students. At the heart of JCM’s approach lies an array of arts-centric programs designed not just to educate but to empower and heal.

Stories with Style

One such initiative, “Stories with Style,” stands as a testament to the profound impact of arts education. It empowers students to delve into songs and poetry, dissecting style, tone, and message while providing a creative outlet through rap, spoken word, and visual arts. While teaching the California media arts standards and building 21st century skills, this program also fosters emotional expression and connection, enabling students to navigate their experiences and connect with others. Its success has been recognized beyond the school’s walls, earning nominations and awards, and serving as an advocacy tool for juvenile court schools nationwide.

JCM’s Multimedia Production Course

JCM’s Multimedia Production course opens doors to career pathways in the arts and media industry. Led by dedicated educators and supported by teaching artists, this course takes students through a journey of exploration, from delving into live production and marketing careers to mastering the art of music video production. Collaborations with local artists infuse real-world experiences into the curriculum, inspiring students to envision a brighter future while honing their skills.

A key aspect of the program is a strong partnership with Kings County Probation, a collaboration that forms the foundation for project-based learning initiatives. This partnership underscores the importance of bridging different institutions to nurture the potential of every student.

Impact and Recognitions

As JCM continues to pioneer innovative approaches to education, the impact of its students’ creativity and resilience reverberates far beyond the walls of the juvenile center. The launch of a student-designed store in 2023 and other exciting ventures only add to the anticipation of the school’s continued success.

Lessons from JCM have been featured in educational podcasts, spreading their innovative teaching methods and empowering educators across the country. J.C. Montgomery provides a model of the transformative power of arts education, shaping not just individuals but communities, breaking barriers, and fostering a future brimming with creativity, empathy, and possibility.

School Name: J.C. Montgomery School

County: Kings