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Standards that Drive Arts Learning in California

The California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve were adopted by the State Board of Education on January 9, 2019. The 2019 arts standards provide the foundation for teaching and learning in the arts in California.

The Model Curriculum Standards for Arts, Media and Entertainment were adopted in 2013. Career Technical Education Arts Media and Entertainment pathways allow students  in grades 7-12 to focus on a particular art form and include standards-aligned intermediate and advanced level coursework in Design, Visual and Media Arts; Performing Arts; Production and Managerial Arts, and Game Design and Integration. For more information about CTE AME programs and services visit the California Department of Education’s Arts, Media, and Entertainment Industry Sector web page. 

The California Preschool Curriculum Framework Volume 2 covers the domains of visual and performing arts, physical development, and health and contains guidance for educators planning arts instruction for preschool-aged children.

The California Arts Education framework

The California Arts Education Framework for Public Schools, Transitional Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve  provides guidance for the implementation of the California Arts Standards for Public Schools, Prekindergarten Through Grade Twelve.