Arts Education Funding

There are many sources of funding for arts education to ensure equitable access for all students. State funding can be used to address priorities in Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs) through arts education. Federal funding can also be used to provide arts education through Titles I, II, III, and IV to meet specific needs related to disadvantaged students, professional learning, language learners, and generally ensure access to a well-rounded education. Once a program is in place and funded, additional funds available through the passage of Proposition 28 can be used to expand and supplement what districts currently provide. Expanded Learning programs can extend arts learning beyond the regular school day. 

Funding Resources

Arts Education Funding Sources (PDF): Developed by Santa Clara County Office of Education is a compilation of various funding sources that can be accessed to fund arts education.
California LCFF Priority-Aligned Research: Created by ArtsEdSearch includes a filter for their research collection that is aligned to the Local Control Funding Formula priorities and several documents summarizing the research about the impact of arts education related to Conditions of Learning, Student Outcomes, and Engagement.
Arts Education and the California Dashboard: Created by Fresno, Humboldt, Los Angeles, San Diego, Stanislaus, and Tulare County Offices of Education, links research on arts education and the California School Dashboard Indicators.

Compiled AEP LCFF Summary Documents
Proposition 28

In 2022, California voters passed Proposition 28 which adds The Arts and Music in Schools Funding Guarantee and Accountability Act to the California Education Code. Proposition 28 provides a means to supplement existing arts education programs and increase equitable access to fully staffed, sequential, standards-based arts education for all students at all grade levels. County Arts Leads are working to support Proposition 28 implementation in county operated student programs and supporting school districts as they plan for implementation.

Resources for Prop 28 Implementation

Proposition 28-Arts and Music Education Funding: Information from the California Department of Education.
Prop 28-Arts and Music In Schools: General information from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
Thanks to Proposition 28 School Districts Need Art Teachers (PDF): Authored by Dr. Eric Engdahl for the California County Superintendents Arts Initiative.
California Arts Education Framework Resources for Implementation: includes a set of Resources for Leaders and Administrators. These resources can help when making decisions about how to expand access to arts education using Prop 28 funds.
Proposition 28-More Dance in More Schools: This tip sheet developed by California Dance Education Association is a resource designed to help school community members, administrators and teachers remove barriers and ensure that dance is available and accessible to all CA students.