Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms

Grades TK-6

Developed by the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL)

Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 23- Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms, Grades TK-6 brought to you by the Los Angeles County Office of Education’s Center for Distance and Online Learning (CDOL). This module brings together high-quality arts integration professional learning to support Media Arts across the state. The Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms Module provides foundational skills and instruction in various Media Arts contents. Technology Enhanced Arts Learning (TEAL) is featured in the module providing a blended model of online and virtual professional development. Outstanding industry partners provided foundational skills and instruction along with TEAL experts.

Since the adoption of the California Arts Standards for Public Schools and the California Arts Framework for Public Schools, there is a need for a practical introduction to Media Arts at the elementary level. Students are learning from home on devices and are consuming, creating, and sharing media online. Educators are eager to develop media skills to support student content that is both current and standards aligned. Media Arts is a natural fit to the modern elementary classroom where students can express their voice and ideas in creative ways.

The Presentation Chart will give you an entire overview of the module (available under Downloads).

Tutorial:  Click here to download the Module 23 Media Arts for Elementary Classrooms Tutorial.

Planning your professional learning (Content Outlines)

The following outlines can be used to break down your professional learning. These are all available under Downloads.

  1. Why Media Arts & California Arts Standards Overview (Center for Distance and Online Learning)
  2. Photography Integration: Dear Self (Las Fotos Project)
  3. Audio Recording: Cultivating Creativity for a Holistic and Artistic Education (Soundtrap for Education by Spotify)
  4. Video Production: Integrating Video Making Into Your Elementary Classroom with Public Media (PBS Learning Media)
  5. Digital Storytelling: Media Arts Skills from Writing Through Video (DIYdoc)

Handouts & Resources

Use the following handouts and resources to help with professional learning.

  • 1A: Media Arts Lifelong Goals and Philosophical Foundations
  • 1B: California Arts Standards
  • 1C: California Arts Standards
  • 1D: Media Arts Standards
  • 1E:  Artistic Processes and Anchor Standards
  • 1F: CA Arts Standards Media Arts Anchor Standard 10
  • 1G:  CA Arts Standards Philosophical Foundations & Lifelong Goals
  • 1H: TEAL Online Course Registration Instructions
  • 1I: TEAL Media Arts Playlist for Creativity at the Core Module 23
  • 2A: Las Fotos Project Lesson Plan: Dear Self
  • 2B: Critique Guide: Dear Self
  • 2C: Visual Thinking Strategies (LACMA)
  • 3A: Soundtrap Media Arts Resources
  • 4A: PBS Suggested Tools & Platforms
  • 5A: Digital Storytelling-Shoot My Film (DIY Doc)
  • 5B: Shoot My Film-Filmmaker Tip Sheet


In the Research document you will find web, book, and periodical resources.


California Arts Standards for Public Schools
Learn more about the Standards in the handouts under Downloads.

Learn more about the Standards in the handouts under downloads. 


  • Jeannine Flores, Arts and STEAM Coordinator, Los Angeles County Office of Education
    9300 Imperial Highway, Downey CA 90242

Other Education and Arts Contributors

  • Peggy Burt, Consultant, Mindful Strategies
  • Alyssa Garcia, Director Education and Programs, Las Fotos Project
  • Almetria Vaba, Director for Education Partnerships and Distribution at KQED
  • Rik Panganiban, Online Learning Manager for KQED Teach
  • Suzie Hicks, Early Learning Content Specialist, PBS SoCal
  • Jostin Grimes, Education Specialist, Soundtrap by Spotify
  • Ed Greene, PhD, Consultant, EdGreene Strategies
  • John Carlin, Creator, DIYdoc