Creativity and Collaboration in Rural Communities

Grades All

Developed by the Tulare County Office of Education

Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 21: Creativity and Collaboration in Rural Communities brought to you by the Tulare County Office of Education. Designed to build the capacity of rural educators, administrators, and community stakeholders, this module highlights the unique landscape of rural areas and showcases ways to promote high-quality, standards-based arts education by linking students, families, and communities.

The Presentation Chart will provide an overview of the entire module (available under Downloads.)

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Planning your professional learning (Content Outlines)

This module is divided into five sections and each section has a corresponding content outline available in the downloads.

Section 1: Arts Education in California
The purpose of this opening section of module 21 is to provide context for the current state of arts education in the state of California.

Section 2: Defining Rural
The purpose of section two is define the rural context in three different settings: the United States, California, and in California’s school districts.

Section 3: Assessing the Need: Classroom, Campus, Community
The purpose of the third section is to provide a set of data collection tools for participants to analyze and evaluate the strengths and challenges of their school and district.

Section 4: Building and Leveraging Cross-Sector Partnerships
The purpose of the fourth section is to provide tools and resources for building and leveraging partnerships with parents and community stakeholders.

Section 5: Resources for Ensuring Sustainability
The purpose of the final section is to highlight resources and tools from state partners that can help ensure sustainable arts programming for schools and districts.

Handouts and Resources

Use the following handouts and resources to help with your professional learning.

Section 1:

  • Arts Impact Handout

Section 2:

  • Blank California Counties Map
  • Census County Rurality Level 2010 (Excel Spreadsheet)
  • NCES Locale Codes List

Section 3:

  • The State of the Arts on Campus
  • Arts Education Survey
  • Local Data Review
  • California Arts Education Data Project – Local Data Resource
  • California School Dashboard – Local Data Resource
  • State Data Review
  • Dreaming Big and Setting Goals for Arts Education
  • Resource – Leveraging Change: Increasing Access to Arts Education in Rural Areas

Section 4:

  • Creative Economy Treemap
  • Sector Map
  • Opportunity Brainstorm
  • Community Connections
  • Stakeholder Role Cards

Section 5:

  • Recommendations for Schools and Districts
  • State Partner Links and Web pages
  • Resource – CCSESA Arts Initiative – Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Arts Teaching and Learning
  • Resource – California Alliance for Arts Education LCFF Reference
  • Resource – California Alliance for Arts Education Title I Reference
  • Resource – CREATE CA – Declaration of the Rights of All Students to Equity in Arts Learning
  • Resource – California State PTA – Parents’ Guide to the Visual and Performing Arts in Public Schools


In the Research document you will find web and book resources (available under Downloads).


Kate Stover – Staff Development and Curriculum Specialist – Visual and Performing Arts, Tulare County Office of Education