Distance Learning through the Arts: Equal Access for All

Grades K-8

Developed by the Butte County Office of Education, the Shasta County Office of Education, and The Music Center of Los Angeles.

Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 2 – Distance Learning through the Arts brought to you by the Butte County Office of Education, the Shasta County Office of Education, and The Music Center of Los Angeles.

Module 2 teaches participants how they can introduce their K-8 students to internationally renowned music, dance, and theatre performers and culturally diverse learning experiences that are rich in historical context.  This module was developed for use by professional development providers to conduct either face-to-face or webinar workshops.  It was also developed for direct use by K-8 teachers.

At the heart of this module on distance learning are the unique needs of the rural and remote communities of California. For rural schools, online access to cultural resources is vitally important.  Arts integration is also important as one of the primary avenues for quality arts learning in schools that often have staff sharing multiple roles . This module provides resources and learning modules in both of those areas. Recently the notion of distance learning has expanded as precipitated by the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

The Presentation Chart will give you an entire overview of the module (available under Downloads).


  • If you are a professional development provider, click here to view a webinar guide or click here  to review a printed guide on how to facilitate Module 2 as professional development.
  • If you are a teacher, click here to view a webinar guide or click here to review instructions for using Module 2 in your elementary classroom.


We have created four webinars for Module 2 that can be used as stand-alone training or in combination with the download resources in the Downloads side-bar to the right of the Module 2 homepage.  Please refer to Links under Downloads (scroll down to see the list of webinars).


Distance Learning through the Arts is comprised of five professional development sections:

  1. Why integrate the Arts and Why Now? Content includes: Environmental scan of arts education research, CA Core Curriculum Standards, Literacy Standards, Arts Standards, LCAP funding, Title 1 funding, and the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Also a review of what arts integration is and isn’t is included in this section.
  2. Arts and Literacy Standards
  3. The Music Center Artists and Artsource® Curriculum Guides: An Overview
  4. Digging into an Artsource® Curriculum Integrated Lesson – Geri Keams: Native American Legends Come Alive!
  5. Explore an integrated Artsource® Curriculum lesson in an elementary classroom: An example of collaborative teacher planning, standards-aligned lesson development and delivery with standards-aligned classroom lesson resources.

Section 1:

  • Section 1 Outline: Why Arts Integration?
  • Section 1 PowerPoint
  • Section 1 Handout 1: Habits of Mind
  • Section 1 Handout 2: Every Student Succeeds
  • Section 1 Handout 3: Arts Integration

Section 2:

  • Section 2 Outline: Arts and Literacy Standards
  • Section 2 PowerPoint
  • Section 2 Handout 1: Arts Framework
  • Section 2 Handout 2: VAPA Continuum
  • Section 2 Handout 3:  CCSS ELA Anchors
  • Section 2 Handout 4:  DoK Chart

Section 3:

  • Section 3 Outline – Artsource® Lesson Overview
  • Section 3 PowerPoint
  • Section Handout 1 – Geri Keams Artsource® Unit

Section 4:

  • Section 4 Outline: Digging into a Lesson
  • Section 4 PowerPoint
  • Section Handout 1:  The Quillwork Girl Text

Section 5:

  • Section 5 Outline:  Classroom Connections, Extensions & Resources
  • Section 5 PowerPoint
  • Section 5 Handout 1:  Grades 4-5 Lesson Plan
  • Section 5 Handout 2:  Theatre Resources
  • Section 5 Handout 3: Creativity Rubric
  • Section 5 Handout 4:  Music Center Theatre Resource


In the Research document you will find web, book and periodical resources.


Read about the Common Core Plus standards in the Standards document under Downloads.


  • Heidi Brahms, Former Director, Youth Support Services, Shasta County Office of Education & CCSESA Region 2 Lead
  • Nancy Silva, Former VAPA Coordinator, Butte County Office of Education & CCSESA Region 2 Lead
  • Jennifer Spangler, Arts Education Coordinator, Butte County Office of Education & CCSESA Region 2 Lead
  • Keith Wyffels, Manager of Professional Development, The Music Center of Los Angeles

Other Education and Arts Contributors

  • Carolyn Steele, Teacher, Paradise Unified School District
  • Eme Mou, Teacher, Thermalito Union School District, Plumas Elementary