Grades K-6

Developed by the Humboldt County Office of Education and SCRAP Humboldt

Welcome to Creativity at the Core, Module 18 – Reuse STEAM brought to you by the Humboldt County Office of Education and SCRAP Humboldt.

K-6 teachers with an understanding of Common Core will explore STEAM through the lens of creative reuse while focusing on science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics to inspire K-6 students to look critically at their environment.  In this learning module, students learn about environmental education and waste reduction while fusing creative problem solving through creative reuse. Students learn aesthetic valuing while recognizing that it is not enough to only recycle, things must be reused, re-imagined, and redesigned.

The Presentation Chart will give you an entire overview of the module (available under downloads).

Planning your Professional Learning (Content Outlines)

The module is broken into two separate grade levels:  K-2 and 3-5.

Grades K-2 has three parts:

  1. In Part 1 students will explore the many ways they use paper each day and design simple experiments to test the durability of different paper types. Students will take a closer look at the fibers that their paper samples are composed of.
  2. In Part 2 students learn how paper is made and recycled. They also learn how recycling impacts paper fibers and look for evidence of recycled content in their paper samples.
  3. In Part 3 students learn about, and are inspired by, creative reuse as way to expand the “life span” of paper fibers. They draw from the results of their experiments to create a formula for new recycled paper, experiment painting with paper pulp, learn about the color wheel, and document their work by creating an iMovie.

Grades 3-5 has two parts:

  1. In Part 1 students will explore the many ways they use disposable plastics each day , design and conduct simple experiments to test the properties of different plastic types, and learn how plastic is made and recycled.
  2. In Part 2 students learn about Creative Reuse and view slide show of amazingly transformed plastic items to gain insight into techniques and be inspired by what is possible for the Design Challenge of Part 3.

K-2 Handouts and Resources

  1. Elements and Principles of Art
  2. Grades K-2: Colors in Spanish A-I
  3. Grades K-2: I-Movie or Video Editor
  4. Grades K-2: Graphic Organizer
  5. Grades K-2: Paper Needs
  6. Grades K-2: Papermaking Process Part 1
  7. Grades K-2: Papermaking Process Part 2

3-5 Handouts and Resources

  1. Power Point Grades 3-5
  2. Grades 3-5: Google Slides
  3. Grades 3-5: Design Process
  4. Grades 3-5: Plastic Hunt
  5. Grades 3-5: Properties of Plastics


(Available in downloads)


Stacy Young, Visual and Performing Arts Program Manager and CCSESA Region 1 Arts Lead
Tibora Girczyc-Blum, Special Projects Coordinator, SCRAP Humboldt
Allison Poklemba, North Coast CREEC Coordinator, CREEC Network and Redwood Science Project

Other Contributors

Augustin Amaro, English Learner Specialist, Humboldt County Office of Education